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Triumph Dating Information

By fantictrials , September 2, in Motorcycles. I’m soon to be getting my 3HW and wondered if anyone can provide any further detail about the bike based on the engine and frame number? Robert, I to have recently purchased a 3HW and my Frame number is and dated Oct 44 under the saddle on the frame facing the rear and yours should be stamped in the same place. Robert until you can find a copy of the book Ed mentioned.

Mike Estall maintains the official Tiger Cub Register and can provide dating certificates for all Tiger Cubs with valid frame numbers. These dating certificates.

From motorcycle tuning tips to detailed motorcycle engine repair, he can draw from a wealth of experience to help guide you to success. The answer I gave was correct, but as always, the devil is in the details. Careful attention must be paid to matching the pushrod tubes when mating different year parts. However, the tappet guide blocks, pushrod tubes and cylinder heads MUST be matched completely.

This is because of deeper machining at the upper pushrod tube position to any earlier series of tappet guide blocs and pushrod tubes. If a or later cylinder head is used, same year pushrod tubes and tappet guide blocs must also be used. All engines must have a thin gasket under the pushrod seal cup at the bottom of the pushrod tube. Rocker boxes interchange to all s from through All cylinders have 26 TPI Whitworth threads.

All four outer cylinder head bolts interchange with all Triumph engines.

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My research has necessitated the determining of the dating codes, which changed Consequently, for a number of years I have accumulated and recorded.

The Club provides a number of services to its members, the most popular being the Triumph Motorcycle Dating Service, and the Club Archives. If you have an old Triumph motorcycle that has never been registered, or one that the DVLA do not have any records for, and you wish to retain the original or obtain an age-related registration number plate then you need this service. Back in , the DVLA started computerising vehicle registrations. Before then registrations were carried out by County Councils or Borough Councils, but Centralised Registration pulled all these records together onto a computerised system.

Of course, many registrations were lost or not transfered by the various councils, and when all the old records had finally been entered by about there were still many vehicles that were not on the new register. To apply for a Date Certificate for your Triumph motorcycle you need to get together as much documentation about your machine as possible, and as many photos as you can get your hands on. As a minimum you should have photos of both sides of the bike, the Engine Number, and the Frame Number.

If you have any original Bills of Sale or Service documents then this will make the job much easier. In fact, any dated information you can supply on your machine will make your case that much stronger. Once you have got all your evidence you need to send it to the Club’s Machine Registrar along with your payment. Cheques payable to ‘Triumph Owners M. After obtaining your Dating Certificate, you can send it along with the appropriate forms to the DVLA to obtain your authorisation to use the original registration number.

More information about registering your motorcycle can be obtained from the Gov.

Engine & Frame Numbers

This is unlikely but by no means unknown, so well worth investigating. Firstly send them to me by registered post , I will then make authorised copies for you to send to Swansea with the application, and return the originals to you by registered post. I shall need pics of the completed bike and of the frame and engine numbers. There is a charge for each certificate, report or authorisation and for each authorized copy as required.

It is possible to complete the registration process yourself and the DVLA will send a pack of forms on request, but it is complicated and we can complete either option for you if you wish.

Here we have a Triumph model chart, this is the most comprehensive chart that Engine and frame numbers matched and all models used the same number.

Your best bet would be to get one of Roy Bacon’s buyer’s guides with a section on the arcane and obscure serial number system used by Triumph. It changed several times over the years and is inconsistent and very confusing for the neophyte. Years may vary according to when the bike was announced, actually produced or exported. There is a grey area in determining exact years of production for some models.

They are a good source of parts, accessories and books. Or check out Walridge Motors Ltd. Bother are good sources for books and information. Tell them I sent you Note re model suffixes: Pre , A denoted pre-unit street bikes, and B meant competition model. After , R replaced A and C replaced B. This page will be updated as often as I uncover new sources, information and corrections.

There is a lot of often conflicting data to try and sort through about models, numbers, designations and years of production. Latest update to this page: Oct. Note that many pre-WW1 models did not have model numbers or names, but were simply refered to by engine output, engine type or size.

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If the serial number is shown as a range xxxx-xxxx it indicates that we know the entire range of serial numbers for the given year. Usually it means we have a copy of the document in question, but it might be in the form of a later edition list. However, for the purposes of validation we have been able to confirm the source. View Auction. View Members Create An Account. To find out when your typewriter was made using the typewriters serial number, start by choosing the brand from the select box below.

I calculate your tank census number as C Your engine is from the previous contract S For some reason, Triumph numbered the.

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Triumph Motorcycles

Each engine number is unique, that is to say one numbering sequence ran through all models. In other words, engine number might be a 5T, might be a 6S. In this way engine numbers progressed at a faster rate than frame numbers as lightweight models used a different frame but were included in the engine numbering sequence.

Triumph motorcycle timeline, history of Triumph motorcycles from to the (​as well as the serial numbers for BSA and Norton) through a catalogue from.

Spitfire history. Buyers guide. Tech articles. Sales literature. Online video. Photo album.

Triumph bicycle dating

I have a pre-war machine please consider. By a frame on. Followed by both the speed twin engine and. Whirlpools, frames and frame numbers in. Oct 10, a dating from.

When you ride a Triumph you ride in select company, dating back to 50 years before Steve McQueen and Marlon Brando rocked their rides. This legendary.

The following comes from my many years of research into the old Triumph Works at Coventry, not from any documentation, for none survived from the air raid attack on the night of November 14th From the time when Triumph started producing machines with their own engines for the engine would be date stamped with the date of machine assembly. Engines, frames, and later, gearboxes were made in different parts of the Works.

The frames and gearboxes were stamped with a sequential number which identified their type, while engines were assembled but un-numbered. From their different shops workshops the engines, frames and gearboxes, along with other items, were transferred to a central stores from where they would be collected as ‘kits of parts’ for putting together in the Assembly Shop. As the storeman would not issue items in direct numerical sequence, and subsequently move the following items along the shelf, there was no direct correlation between numbers at any particular time.

Very often the most recent items received would be placed on the closest shelves or hangers, and it would be the closest items which would be selected when the apprentice lad with his barrow turned up for the collection of more ‘kits’ for the assembly shop. So often an earlier frame or gearbox number might appear with a later numbered engine; and occasionally a very early number could appear with a much later engine, simply because it had languished down the far end of the stores.

Triumph identification of the assembly sequence of each model came from the engine number, for this was stamped on completion of the assembly. Initially the engine number was followed with the stamping of the actual day, month and year; for example The 13th of August, As production increased the actual date was replaced by a two letter code indicating simply the month and year.

This has caused much confusion amongst owners of veteran Triumphs who will never have seen an X on their bikes, but may have seen the Y.

Triumph motorcycle engine and frame numbers

Call or Text: So, you’ve got a vintage Triumph motorcycle but you aren’t sure what year it is, or you want to identify a swap meet frame or engine along with other Triumph motorcycle parts and don’t know how to look up or decode the serial or VIN numbers? If so, the information below will be a big help. Make sure you order correct parts for your Triumph, find part numbers conversions listed with a letter prefix.

Safety Recall Search. Enter your VIN number below to see if there are any safety recalls for your bike. VIN Number. Sorry invalid VIN. How can I find my VIN?

Here are some of his observations:. A central storage for these various parts was The Stores. The storeman would stack those parts on shelves and probably hang the frames up. The frames and gearboxes were serial number stamped when they were made but the storeman would not move items along the shelves and racks to keep them in number sequence.

Engines MAY have been number stamped, but I think not as these numbers certainly went into frames in a sequence. Also into stores would have gone other parts made elsewhere, such as magnetos, control levers and fuel tank caps. Another lad probably would have been an older and more experienced apprentice who knew which items would be needed would transfer parts from the stores to the Assembly Shop.

Sprite and Midget Engine Identification

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