The best DSLR cameras you can buy: from beginners to pros

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How to Use an On-Camera Speedlight as Fill Flash for Portraits

Writing a post about the best Canon lenses suitable for most photographers was never going to be an easy task. Canon has always been a step ahead of its competitors when it comes to offering a wide selection of world-class glass. Click here for the latest price.

Meghan, Nicole and four of our favourite cameras the Nikon S3, Canon P, Camera Speed Dating – Olympus Pen D Camera Speed Dating – Nikon F3.

History Hall View by period. The company changed its name to Canon Camera Co. While most of the domestic camera manufactures were retreating from making rangefinder cameras, Canon continued to introduce masterpieces of rangefinder cameras equipped with uniquely developed systems. By the end of November l, one year after the resumption of the operations at Precision Optical Industry Co.

It had the viewfinder and coupled rangefinder combined into a single window. This was an original Canon design that was not found in the Leica camera. The camera featured a three-mode optical viewfinder. The viewfinder magnification could be changed depending upon the lens in use. This three-mode optical viewfinder was an original Canon design matched to the interchangeable lenses, and this specification was passed on to the future Canon 35mm rangefinder cameras. In other words, the solid foundation for the post-war Precision Optical Industry was established at this stage.

During this period, two major events took place that had affected the destiny of the development of Precision Optical Industry Co. Those days, there were many camera-loving personnel in the Allied Occupation Forces who complained that product branding was very confusing: Canon for cameras, Serenar for lenses, and Precision Optical Industry for the manufacturer of these products. Some of them came to Meguro looking for Canon cameras and found it difficult to remember that the name of the company they were looking for was Precision Optical Industry.

Lenses for mirrorless: how Canon, Nikon, Panasonic and Sony full-frame options compare

There is a Nikon digital SLR camera for every level of photographer: from basic beginner to full-time professional. Nikon D Nikon has a long and storied history dating all the way back to The company began when three Japanese optical companies joined forces.

Phottix Odin II TTL Flash Trigger Transmitter for Canon PH Photo Phottix Odin II TTL Flash Trigger Transmitter for Nikon High Speed Sync, Camera.

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Comparison of digital SLRs

Like Batman versus Superman, the Red Sox versus the Yankees, or paper versus plastic, the Canon versus Nikon debate has been raging for decades. Long two of the top-selling brands for professional and consumer cameras alike, the names are likely the first that come to mind when thinking about buying a new camera. That long-standing rivalry means the two companies are constantly trying to one-up each other — but it also makes for a tough decision for photographers choosing a new camera.

Understandably, that puts a lot of pressure on the initial purchase decision.

for beginners or pros, including cameras by Nikon, Sony, Canon and too; an ISO range from to ,, a shutter speed of 1/sec.

Instead, it has dials for letters, Roman numerals and dates. Advantage of the dial system is being, it can be used either for dating, or classifying photographs. Attachable right onto the back of the camera, it uses the camera’s electronic circuitry to imprint this information on the film in perfect synchronization with exposure. The Databack A requires a cable to plug into the PC terminal on the camera body to function. Well, it is standard for the camera back on virtually all A-series cameras except AL-1 and T , T and T cameras but not the T and T to be removable so that accessory backs can be added.

The data backs for these cameras can be used to record the data directly onto the film at the time of exposure at the bottom right hand corner, of cause it can be turned off should you think it is not required to imprint any data onto film frames. Credit : Image courtesy of Mr. All rights reserved. Please respect the visual property of the contributing photographer. Exposure is made by a battery powered lamp in the data back, it is triggered by a cord connection to the flash socket on the camera.

This exposes each frame as the camera is operated – either manually or with a power winder at 2 frames per second.

Technical Details

Following list compares main features of digital single-lens reflex cameras DSLRs. Order of this list should be firstly by manufacturer alphabetically, secondly from high end to low end models. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. List compares main features of digital single-lens reflex cameras.

Voigtlander Bessa R2S R2C Rangefinders in Classic Nikon or Contax 50/ Nikon’s rare first “Super Speed” lens; 50/ Micro Nikkor Nikon’s 1st 28/ Believe it or not, a Canon 28/ in Contax mount, or is it Nikon? Leica M and SLR Serial Numbers Sorted by Date and Serial Number · Leica M.

In this article, we’re going to have a look at the four full-frame mirrorless systems to see what they offer and where they might yet go. This article isn’t a question of ‘which range is biggest,’ it’s to help show which lineups have the lenses you might need for your photography. As well as the lenses currently available, we’ll consider the degree of support provided by third-party lens makers and briefly discuss some of the technologies involved.

When it comes to full-frame lenses for mirrorless, Sony has the biggest head start. Sony introduced its full-frame ‘FE’ range alongside the original a7, back in late , and already had several years experience of making APS-C E-mount lenses by that point. Sony has also taken the unusual move of allowing third-party lens makers access to its lens mount specifications and communication protocol.

This has allowed companies such as Sigma, Tamron, Tokina and Zeiss to expand the range of available lenses for Sony photographers. In the case of Sigma, these include existing DSLR optical designs as well as new, dedicated optical formulations for mirrorless. In addition to covering most of these bases, Sony has had time to add specialist lenses, such as mm F4, mm F2. Sony says that the years it’s spent making large lenses for mirrorless camera has allowed it to develop expertise in the types of motors best suited for full-frame mirrorless lenses the need to drive lenses smoothly for video, as well as quickly means the requirements aren’t the same as for DSLRs.

However, while it’s true that Sony’s adoption of technologies such as linear motors and piezoelectric drive provides its more recent lenses with impressively fast, smooth focusing, be aware that some of the company’s earlier lenses don’t always show this same performance. Canon’s RF lens lineup thus far has shown a distinct focus on the needs of professional users, with many of its first lenses belonging to the premium ‘L’ range.

Canon vs. Nikon: Everything you need to know about the camera heavyweights

That’s not impossible at all. They are very Leica-esque and are all screw-mount, but I found the 7 to have a much more user friendly rangefinder than any old Leica I have seen. The biggest deciding factor is going to be your budget! First, they’re fondling their Leicas, now dating the Canons. Made between this series of Canon Rangefinders were considered straight copies of Leicas, with their film winding knob and bottom loading features.

View Delivery Dates Canon EF-S 24 mm – 70 mm f/L II USM Standard Zoom Lens. (2) Nikon SB Speedlight – hot-shoe clip-on flash · (5).

Using a flash or speedlight on-camera can be daunting at first. This was certainly how I felt when I first purchased my Nikon speedlight. My biggest worry was calculating all the light ratios involved to get a proper exposure as you cannot take into account the actual flash output when metering in-camera.

But that was not to be, thankfully. My main reservation about using flash is the harshness of the light. As well, the flatness of the face with the direct flash obliterating all possibility of sculpting shadows on the face. All these factors affect natural light and I felt I just had to put aside my reservations and take the leap.

Let me share with you how I use flash to help me achieve the look I am after and without having to do the mental calculations of light ratios! As photographers, we have to learn a host of technical knowledge on top of our creative vision.

Entry Level Cameras Canon vs Nikon

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